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Sep 19

Thanks for all the supportive comments guys.. ;u; And I’m really sorry some of you are experiencing the same things, it really sucks. I hope you guys can get over it! And I’ll try to get to it and scan some sketches or something tomorrow! 

Anonymous said: please draw more, post more, dont stop drawing please dont stop drawing

Don’t worry, I won’t stop drawing, ever. I can’t stop won’t stop. 

I’m sorry for the lack of content on all of my blogs and twitter and such.. it’s been weird, I have the biggest artblock in my life.. or not just art, an everything block. I’m trying to doodle every day on my sketchbook to get rolling again but it takes time. Maybe I should show you more scketchbook doodles while I’m recovering from this shit < w >;; but I’m glad to hear someone misses my art, thank you anon.

Aug 30

I remember when I used to think that it would be cool to remember your dreams like every night. Well, it’s not. I’ve been seeing dreams all summer, many many dreams every night (due to bad medication, that is being fixed now). It’s hard to come back to reality from them, and when you remember something, you don’t know if it was dream or not. 

But anyway, some dreams are cool and I wanted to doodle them. Will probably do more of these in the future and try to get over my artblock.

Aug 28
I drew my bf&#8217;s tacky guild wars character.. look at this dork

I drew my bf’s tacky guild wars character.. look at this dork

my fave koopa boys

Aug 6


Doodles of some of my newest babes

might as well reblog here, haven’t been drawing much lately, sorry!

Jul 15


Jun 16


I opened commissions in Flight Rising! Three slots are open, for more info go to the thread I made.

May 31


some new babs!

i made an fr blog uvu

May 23

I wanted to draw some of my most precious dragons in Flight Rising!

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