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hi i'm silis and this is my artblog!

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Jul 15


Jun 16


I opened commissions in Flight Rising! Three slots are open, for more info go to the thread I made.

May 31


some new babs!

i made an fr blog uvu

May 23

I wanted to draw some of my most precious dragons in Flight Rising!

May 19

Anonymous said: hello silis! do you ever plan on livestreaming again? i missed your first one and would really love to see your art process ;w;

aaahh maybe some day! I will have more time in summer so maybe then!

Mar 12



Mar 10

I have been waiting for this game so long… I’m so happy.

Mar 7
I was really bored so I painted a face

I was really bored so I painted a face

Anonymous said: hi~ nvn I just.... just love you and your art style! Silis, you're super kawaii UзU

Mar 6

Anonymous said: ah silis i was wondering if you were ever going to draw nails again. i kinda miss him! i really liked his design

ahhh don’t worry nail will always be around.. I’ll draw him more when I feel like it but here is a little doodle!


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